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so, i had a dream about dwight.

well, actually it was a dream about work. i mostly remember that they called a meeting, and they were gonna have us sing or do some stupid activity like that, and i just lost it and started screaming and swearing about how "THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME, WE SHOULD BE WORKING" and when they said this was required of us, i angrily (and rudely) quit on the spot.
i then walked back in and said something like, "i don't suppose we could just forget that happened, could we?", which was met with the expected response.
so as i was walking out, i saw dwight stocking, and since i may never see him again, i walked over to tell him. he didn't hesitate to give me a big goodbye hug.

for the first half of the day i just felt really good when i thought about him, like it had actually happened, and then i was like "oh no that was just a dumb dream."


also jon and kevin are both ignoring me in AIM and now i'm sad ;_;